ZBrush one more time!

ZBrush is fun! 🙂

Sculpting from polysphere with subdiv.

ZBrush one more time!

Zbrush one more time !


Waiting - Oil on Canvas

Waiting – Oil on Canvas

Photoreal Lighting – exterior car scene

Thanks TDU for selecting my image as “student image of the week“! 🙂 Lighting and shading/texturing the Fisker Karma is so much fun and lots of neat challenges – keeping me awake through the wee hours (before I know it I hear the first early bird waking and chirping! :)) Now I’ve just added the breakdown. Our […]

Light Forust

Light Forust was first created as a digital imaging & painting team project at COFA, with my team mates Paige, Saph and Sri. We had a lot of fun experimenting with light painting on long exposures (Paige being the expert photographer!), painting and drawing with glow sticks, torch lights, iPad light … even photocopying our faces (ouch, that was blinding!), and then putting the often serendipitous images together, and adding some interesting effects from After Effects. This is a revised version of Light Forust – I’ve edited it from 5:53 minutes down to 3:40, and with beautiful music from Kevin MacLeod.

Being a doodler, I love experimenting with light painting! Here’s my doodle of a swan … my favorite doodle I learnt in my childhood! 🙂

Swan Light Paint

Swan Light Paint

life drawing

Life drawing at VFS.

life drawing with pastels

I love drawing with pastels! These exercises from life drawing class at COFA were for exploring the vibrancy and theatrics of color and costumes, as well as the subtleties of color as seen reflected in skin tone. I love the spontaneity and expressive nature of pastels in creating strokes and textures. It was fun! 🙂

the figure in paint

Painting from Life class at COFA, for half a semester last year. It was such a great class painting the human figure – learning form, color and structure within the human form, by observing skin tone, reflected color and proportion. I hope to continue more painting from life, and dabbling in oil painting again!

Still Life

Still life modeling – our first at VFS! My first at modeling from photo references and also learning edge modeling for the shoe. Good references are key to this! Thanks to Jim and Patrick, they took detailed photos of the camera and camera box and shared them with us – that made a great difference! […]

Animation Class – Classical and CG

I like animation classes at VFS – it’s great because we learn the principles by drawing first in classical animation class, and that frees our mind to think intuitively without having to grapple with graph editor or other technical aspects. Then we do the same exercise in CG Animation class, which runs in parallel. In this way, it lets me think of the key poses like drawings I’d done, and by then I would already have a sense of the timing. This is a brilliant way to learn animation.

The best thing I learned in animation is about contrast. Colin is one of my best animation teachers, because I finally grasped the essence of animation! He always points out the gist effectively, without going into lengthy rhetorics, and now as I write this, I recall how much he inspired us even in our very first animation class at VFS. 🙂

ZBrush Sculpting Keanu Reeves

ZBrush sculpting class at VFS. Ok, my all time favorite movie is The Matrix, and who else comes to my mind when choosing a celebrity? Keanu Reeves of course! 🙂 Now with ZBrush I don’t go crazy figuring out how to model the crazy “spirals” of the ear like I do with Maya, and therefore I love sculpting the ears, which I find fascinating! 🙂