lighting for animation: interior

Revisiting my lighting for animation – interior lighting.
Doing lighting always makes me feel a sense of like coming home! A kind of happiness. 😉

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It is a nice challenge to light this stylized piece. I really like the Gumosa character, and posing him relaxed and deep in thoughts, smiling to himself! 🙂 Pretty forlorn. Haha!

I re-shaded Gumosa with Arnold shaders (original is Mental Ray), and made some adjustments to the interior set shaders (adding specs and bumps to the original shaders) to get some “bling”, as I notice that regardless of how dimly lit a place can be, there is almost always specs here and there.

I love working with Arnold, especially the ease of setting up AOVs in the merged EXR file of the beauty pass. I included Z depth, direct and indirect diffuse, as well as direct and indirect specs. Also rendered a matte pass for the chandelier and table lamp shades which I used in comp to add glow, and AO passes (with spread values of 0.3, 0.6, 1) for finer adjustments of occlusion.

With these render layers, “sweetening” up in Nuke is really fun. With the matte layer, I added a glow node (adjusted tint and brightness), and a grade node to fine tune the glow (multiply) which is merged with a screen operation on top of the beauty pass. Also added some dust; using a grade node to lift a roto’ed area around the chandelier light creates this subtle dusty falloff from the chandelier. A vignette is also added to the top left corner with a grade node (multiply). All these neat techniques thanks to Jon from tdu. 🙂

I also enhanced the specs (shuffled from beauty the direct and indirect specs AOVs) just a tiny bit. And added depth ever so subtly (using the Zdepth AOV in the ZDefocus node), and a little touch of softening with a Soften node.

So here’s forlorn Gumosa, contemplating and in his own world. 😉

Interior Lighting for Animation

Interior Lighting for Animation

Here’s my lighting and comp breakdown.


My Nuke node graph here.

More details on lighting this piece here.

(Interior set from tdu; Gumosa character from boutique23)


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