Photoreal Lighting – exterior car scene

Thanks TDU for selecting my image as “student image of the week“! 🙂

Lighting and shading/texturing the Fisker Karma is so much fun and lots of neat challenges – keeping me awake through the wee hours (before I know it I hear the first early bird waking and chirping! :)) Now I’ve just added the breakdown.

Our week 8 challenge for Photoreal Lighting at tdu  – exterior car scene lighting. Totally enjoy using Arnold – it’s awesome and so intuitive! And fast! And compositing with Nuke is a blast – using facing ratio/fresnel pass to modulate reflection, breaking up the shadows by layering and using luminance key and filter erode, experimenting with objectID and J_GotSomeID …  how I love the wonders of Nuke!  🙂

Details here.

Maya and Arnold for lighting, rendering, shading, texturing; Photoshop textures; Nuke for integration and comp.

(car model and backplate from tdu)


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