Still Life

Still life modeling – our first at VFS! My first at modeling from photo references and also learning edge modeling for the shoe. Good references are key to this! Thanks to Jim and Patrick, they took detailed photos of the camera and camera box and shared them with us – that made a great difference!

Modeling of the camera was the most challenging – trying to figure out the various intricate parts of the camera from photos! Driven nuts not being able to look at, feel, and examine the parts, I borrowed the camera from Jesse, and it was as if I’d struck gold! 🙂 So good to be able to feel and look at each part, and even examine how each part works, and then model them. I wonder in “real life” do people model only from photos (and do they go crazy like me!) Yeah, I know, it is not always possible to have the real object … as our next modeling subject was — an airplane!!

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