photoreal lighting: exterior morning

Morning is always so fresh with refreshing smell of mist, and glittering dewdrops on grass and – giant toy train! 🙂  Really nice to do this piece – it evokes nostalgia of looking forward to each morning in our childhood, with lots of magic and things to explore! Here’s the breakdown of the lighting, shading, texturing and […]

lighting for animation: interior

Revisiting my lighting for animation – interior lighting. Doing lighting always makes me feel a sense of like coming home! A kind of happiness. 😉 It is a nice challenge to light this stylized piece. I really like the Gumosa character, and posing him relaxed and deep in thoughts, smiling to himself! 🙂 Pretty forlorn. Haha! I […]

pencil particles

So learning FX and Houdini has been a blast! Simply love Houdini!
As I love color pencils, I created a pencil sculpture with Lsystem based on nature by number, and I thought it would be fun to fire off broken leads from pencils since this is one thing that always happen to me … broken pencil lead. 😉 And then they mutate into something beautiful! Butterflies…. I have another version of a school of fish (after watching Nat Geo WILD 🙂 ).

Houdini 14 for procedural modeling, animation, particles and FX, rendering in Mantra and Nuke.

painting clouds

I’ve always loved to look at clouds. It is fascinating to paint them! I love creating my own cloud brushes and smudge brush and use them to paint clouds from scratch in photoshop. It’s nice to sculpt the form with highlights and shadows.


So fun to see my character comes alive ! 🙂 Really enjoy the whole process of sculpting, texturing and painting. (sculpted from zbrush polysphere with dynamesh and subdiv, projection texturing with spotlight, paintovers with photoshop)

Quick sketches in Zbrush

It is nice to just do quick simple sketching in zbrush too ! Zbrush is not just for monsters and robots … i guess! 🙂

Shadow box – how unique … just like drawing in shadows….

toy helicopter

toy helicopter – all parts with shadow box

toy kettle

toy kettle

drawing & coloring

Drawing and coloring is a nice break from 3D!        

texturing fun!

Fun with texturing of toy car in Maya and Mudbox, and shading/rendering in Arnold. I must say there is definitely beauty to dirt and grime! haha! It seems (at least to me) to make all the difference! No wonder we loved to dirty ourselves as kids ! 😉 Adding some early morning mist/dew drops on … […]

practice, practice, practice!

Sculpting in Zbrush from polysphere with dynamesh and subdiv. “Subdivision levels are the backbone of doing good sculpting”– Scott Spencer

photoreal lighting – interior artificial lighting

Week 6 challenge for Photoreal Lighting at tdu  – interior artificial lighting. Shading, texturing, lighting and compositing is really interesting and fun. Again Arnold is just so awesome! I must say I learn a lot compositing in Nuke too. There are areas I still want to work on… Perhaps I might also try some funky textures! […]